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For most of us, Sigma is synonymous with IT consulting and a Swedish focus: big, stable, and publicly listed. No surprises. And maybe a bit boring. How do you handle this when the main owner wants to buy out the company from the stock market and to season it with new and exciting activities? Enters: ID.

The first step towards a new Sigma was to revise the brand structure. We left the old, simple parent-brand strategy, where all companies were operating under the common Sigma brand. Instead, we implemented a more flexible structure – built on a mother/daughter strategy where every customer offering has its own, separate brand and Sigma as guarantor. This gives an increased focus and greater flexibility for each subsidiary.

Porsche Cayenne/Porsche GT3. The same basic principles (Porsche is German quality, speed, expensive …) but also individual freedom (Cayenne is a four-seater family car, the GT3 a race furnished speed bullet). The same applies to Sigma: the mother brand stands for technology focus, quality and entrepreneurship, while the respective suffixes signals excellence and client focus.

The sigma sign is Greek for sum and was in various ways used in the old graphic profile. The new logo has a more modern, and softer, image: the symbol has the form of an imaginary plus sign and is standing out from the crowd; the word image is clear; the suffixes gives uniqueness to the subsidiaries logos. A good-looking guy, we think!

While completing the logo make over, we also conducted a complete overhaul of Sigma’s graphic profile. Typography, colour and imagery were all updated. Stationary and signs were replaced, common presentations print and gift shops, the image banks, the works. Everything to achieve maximum impact at minimum cost.

Before Sigma got its new profile, was the only web site for the entire group. Today, acts as a hotel lobby, the starting point to get to your room, restaurant, gym or wherever you are heading. Each subsidiary has its own site with a unique URL, but they all share common features like search, recruitment, contact resources etc. The complete solution is an advanced multilingual multi-site built on the WordPress platform. And of course, the design is responsive to look good on any platform. Our most advanced web assignments to date.

Simultaneously to redesigning the corporate and graphic profile, we also launched a new subsidiary: Sigma Industry. The launch was accompanied be a recruitment campaign, headlined “Welcome to a new Swedish technology company. Now hiring 1,000 consultants”. The campaign targeted selected LinkedIn and Facebook users and was supported by digital and print advertising in newspapers and trade press. And with the web at the centre.

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Skeppsbron 11 SE- 211 20 Malmö , Sweden

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Sabrina Shankman
May 22, 2018

New study adds fresh evidence to a robust body of research on the harmful effects of exposure to air pollution, especially in young children. Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Shutting down power plants that burn fossil fuels can almost immediately reduce the risk of premature birth in pregnant women living nearby, according to research published Tuesday.

Researchers scrutinized records of more than 57,000 births by mothers who lived close to eight coal- and oil-fired plants across California in the year before the facilities were shut down, and in the year after, when the air was cleaner.

The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology , found that the rate of premature births dropped from 7 to 5.1 percent after the plants were shuttered, between 2001 and 2011. The most significant declines came among African American and Asian women. Preterm birth can be associated with lifelong health complications.

The results add fresh evidence to a robust body of research on the harmful effects of exposure to air pollution, especially in young children—even before they're born.

"The ah-ha moment was probably just seeing what a large, estimated effect size we got," said lead author Joan Casey, who is a post-doctoral fellow at UC Berkeley. "We were pretty shocked by it—to the point that we did many, many additional analyses to try to make it go away, and didn't succeed."

- and oil-fired power plants emit a bevy of air pollutants that have known negative impacts on public health—including fine particulate matter (or PM 2.5), nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, benzene, lead and mercury.

Using birth records from the California Department of Public Health, the researchers found mothers who lived within 5 kilometers, 5-10 kilometers and 10-20 kilometers of the eight power plants. The women living farthest away provided a control group, since the authors assumed their exposure would be minimal.

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The authors controlled for many socioeconomic, behavioral, health, race and ethnicity factors affecting preterm birth. "That could account for things like Obamacare or the Great Recession or the housing crisis," Casey said.

The study found that the women living within 5 kilometers of the plants, those most exposed to the air pollution, saw a significant drop in preterm births.

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